Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Me: oh, I'm going to record this interview so that I can just take casual notes and intuitively drive the conversation whilst I gather the relevant and interesting information more organically and with far less effort than a traditional interview style. Also me: well lookee there. Fuckknuckles if that's not a shitacular surprise...there's my damn … Continue reading Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Bluing Agents and Cupcakes as Gifts

It's Mother's Day. I have mixed feelings about the holiday. It's a muddy one for me. I worry basically all day every day about my kids. And how I'm parenting them. About our relationship, and about their attachment. The assumptive schemas they're forming of the world, strengthening with every experience and interaction. Core beliefs about … Continue reading Bluing Agents and Cupcakes as Gifts

Crazy Pills and Pantsless Karate

Actual footage of me just living my daily life: I did laundry this weekend. Four baskets of laundry. Just like I always do. Thursday after karate I dumped all of Harper's karate things into the washer and I washed them all together, and then I transferred them all over to the dryer, and I … Continue reading Crazy Pills and Pantsless Karate

Minchin Monday and Still Not Perfect

I had lots written today but I've got nothing at this point. I've been called incompetent by one of the most chauvanistic, elitist pieces of work in this town. And it shouldn't bother me and it doesn't so much personally as it does just in a macrocasmic way. Like, it makes me sad for humanity … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Still Not Perfect

Histoplasmosis and Macul-argh Issues

When I was pregnant with the girls, right around month six or seven, I was sitting at my dad's house, looking out the window, which had venetian blinds on it. The blinds were down, but open, so that one could see between the slats. I noticed that the lines were "wrinkled." Wavy. The lines were … Continue reading Histoplasmosis and Macul-argh Issues