Minchin Monday and Award Dinners

It's Monday. Which means Minchin. One of the things I love most about Tim is that he's actually talented beyond his ability to wield humor and sarcasm like a mighty weapon. Some of his serious songs are my favorites. I dedicate this one to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Burn in hell. https://youtu.be/lcBej7bCKGw Also, this past Saturday was the … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Award Dinners

My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

Ok. It's Wednesday. I love Wednesdays. I love them so hard. On Wednesdays, Juniper goes to yoga with Miss Kelly. Kelly and I graduated together but I only recently learned that she had a lot of the same issues I did growing up. Sensitivity to sensory experiences. Shyness. Overstimulation in social interactions. Honestly? I was … Continue reading My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

911 and a Near Disaster

I started the Ryan Murphy series "911" tonight. Sunday night, if this doesn't go live until tomorrow. I love Ryan Murphy. I will always love him for the first season of American Horror Story. That's also where I was introduced to Connie Britton who, along with Jessica Lange, is one my biggest and most incurable … Continue reading 911 and a Near Disaster