Introverts and the Produce Section

So here's a fun thing I've realized this morning: Introverts seem to take some sort of collective refuge in the produce department. Let me explain. I am painfully, radically introverted. There are reasons for it. I won't go into them here. Suffice it to say that although I inexplicably love my job, where I have … Continue reading Introverts and the Produce Section

Burning Out and Anal Worms

Well. It's been quite the Monday. My child, Harper, who is not autistic but who struggles with transition and anxiety and other basically really profound and annoying things like perfectionism and all of that nonsense had a full-on meltdown this morning when she discovered that I had not finished laundering her mittens. The mittens, a … Continue reading Burning Out and Anal Worms

Duck Crossings and K9 Choper

First, I thought I'd share with you a photo of the hungry monster hamper that threw my entire life into madness last Sunday. The most fun thing about the hungry monster, which I never could have anticipated but which I was delighted to discover, is that when he gets full he gets an enormous underbite … Continue reading Duck Crossings and K9 Choper

My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

Ok. It's Wednesday. I love Wednesdays. I love them so hard. On Wednesdays, Juniper goes to yoga with Miss Kelly. Kelly and I graduated together but I only recently learned that she had a lot of the same issues I did growing up. Sensitivity to sensory experiences. Shyness. Overstimulation in social interactions. Honestly? I was … Continue reading My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

Tarot Tuesday and Tupac Shakur

First of all, I have two songs that have basically been on shuffle back to back for days. In my car. On my phone. Out of Alexa's mouth. One is Kid Rock's F.O.A.D. Which...yeah. It's cathartic. Don't judge. The other one is this: Just feels appropriate. There is plenty in Tupac's music that I … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday and Tupac Shakur