Tenacious Tuesday and Trading Spaces

I'm moving on up, kids. We. That's gonna take some getting used to, but we are moving on up. I live, currently, beside an oil refinery. Don't know if you've ever seen or smelled an oil refinery, but it looks like an international space station and it smells, in the best case scenario, like a … Continue reading Tenacious Tuesday and Trading Spaces

What Therapy Feels Like and Developing an Idea

I know. I'm the worst. It's going to take me a week to get back into the swing of things. But in the meantime... So I'm just mindlessly scrolling and this happens. And you guys? Oh my god I want every fucking therapist in the whole world to see this and I need, I need … Continue reading What Therapy Feels Like and Developing an Idea

Weighted Blankets and Roar-Barks

I know. Twice in one day? You lucky bastards. Two things: 1. I was unaware of the existence of this truly delicious little freak show until perusing and open-minded skeptic's examination of the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena. This thing was posited as one potential explanation for the Skinwalker sightings. And I hate it. Frankly, it's the … Continue reading Weighted Blankets and Roar-Barks