Gun Shows and Pretty Boys

Last year was the first ever Men in Makeup charity event. It's sponsored by the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry each year to raise money to go to A Safe Place, which is Warren's domestic violence shelter and education program. It's such a great asset to a community like ours. Rural communities present … Continue reading Gun Shows and Pretty Boys

Minchin Monday and Mystery Spots

So. Strange Kinzua. I need to make it really clear that I'm neither endorsing the validity of the stories on the Strange Kinzua Facebook page nor am I debunking them. I'm merely taking the locations given and visiting them. And probably revisiting them. And taking pictures. And writing unbiased experience reports. I'm not trying to … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Mystery Spots

Indian Dancers, Cute Babies, and Drift Trikes

Last night, I got to ride a drift trike. What's a drift trike, you ask? It's the most badass toy ever. Read about it here. Look at it here: Today, the Fourth of July celebration continues in Warren, with all the stuff from yesterday, plus the Allegany River Indian Dancers and the Cutest Baby contest. … Continue reading Indian Dancers, Cute Babies, and Drift Trikes