Tenacious Tuesday and Trading Spaces

I'm moving on up, kids. We. That's gonna take some getting used to, but we are moving on up. I live, currently, beside an oil refinery. Don't know if you've ever seen or smelled an oil refinery, but it looks like an international space station and it smells, in the best case scenario, like a … Continue reading Tenacious Tuesday and Trading Spaces

Minchin Monday and Rearing Children

One of those two things is fun. I'll let you guess. https://youtu.be/ESFANzZTdYM I love this one. I literally listened to it on repeat for like months 9 through 18 of my daughters' lives. They're now six. And amazing. And awful, sometimes. Because of my own failures in parenting, my daughters have tantrums like tantrums are … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Rearing Children

Minchin Monday and Columns Columns Columns

Oh shit. Here we are again at Monday. As I sit here awaiting the entirely voluntary hellishness to which I subject myself (therapy) to begin I find myself realizing that once again I have failed to give any substantive thought to what I want to share for this lovely day of our lord Tim. So … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Columns Columns Columns