Self Care and I Love You Wade Wilson

I love you Wade Wilson. I love you so much. If you've never seen Deadpool then I'm sorry but we can't be friends. We just can't. He's too delicious and filthy and wonderful and I need him in my life and so do you. Ok. Watch that? That's a start. We're having a conversation … Continue reading Self Care and I Love You Wade Wilson

Crazy Pills and Pantsless Karate

Actual footage of me just living my daily life: I did laundry this weekend. Four baskets of laundry. Just like I always do. Thursday after karate I dumped all of Harper's karate things into the washer and I washed them all together, and then I transferred them all over to the dryer, and I … Continue reading Crazy Pills and Pantsless Karate

Bike Rides and the Princess of Kata

Oh. My. Gooooooorrrrrrd. Today is like the longest, least good (zip it, phrase police), most tense shoulder day of all of the days. I swear that I could generate electricity with the energy generated by the tension in my shoulder blades at the end of the day. They positively hum. I understand how Atlas felt. … Continue reading Bike Rides and the Princess of Kata

Kristen and Not Good At Life

"I'm not good at life." -Kristen High fiver, up top Kristen H! You and me both. I needed some Mom humor tonight. I've been screamed at, I've been kicked, I've been told all the ways in which I suck. Just last night, as we were laying in bed and watching My Little Pony, Harper … Continue reading Kristen and Not Good At Life