Santas Anonymous and Badd Men

Marc Mero. (Name redirects to WTO story.) Wow, you guys. I've never been much of a wrestling aficionado. Unless Dwayne Johnson is involved. In which case, I'm not really watching because I care who wins. And we'll just leave that right there. #ismellwhattherockiscookin' What? I can enjoy watching large Samoan men engage in fisticuffs if … Continue reading Santas Anonymous and Badd Men

Jessica White and No Minchin Monday

This Minchin Monday has been cancelled due to a story about which nothing is funny. Jessica White was fatally shot on Wednesday, June 21.  By today, a campaign in her name had raised $10,000 in 72 hours.  All of the money is going toward her funeral expenses, with all remaining money going toward her three children.  Seventy-two … Continue reading Jessica White and No Minchin Monday