Bagel Day and a Couple of Kittens

Harper and I had some very much needed Mom-Harper time. Raising multiples can be difficult for any number of reasons. Raising multiples of very differing personalities, without someone to help break up what can quickly become a rather triangulated interpersonal dynamic from time to time? God damn, it's frustrating. I never cease to marvel at … Continue reading Bagel Day and a Couple of Kittens

Tough Stories and Occupational Anhedonia

Hot Jesus on a stick, you guys. I think Jon didn't understand why I did not answer his query yesterday of, "do you want a really freaking cool story," with jumping jacks and/or extreme enthusiasm. I did not respond with jumping jacks and/or extreme enthusiasm for a reason. It was because sometimes I can just … Continue reading Tough Stories and Occupational Anhedonia

Trauma Writing and Overthinking Things

Oh hell. Here we are again. It's Wednesday. So that's a thing. Middle of the week. It's been a long one already. Got my column more or less nailed down for this week. Still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the month going forward, but hopefully it'll be okay. I'm heading back … Continue reading Trauma Writing and Overthinking Things