A Firing Squad and Drunk At a Barbecue

Memorial Day. For most people these days - and this is not me saying that this is necessarily good or bad, but it's just a statement of fact - it's the beginning of summer. Most people I talk to can't even tell me the difference between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Now, to be totally … Continue reading A Firing Squad and Drunk At a Barbecue

Minchin Monday and Quiet Revolutions

Okay. This is a big, long, intense bastard so I'm gonna set you up with a funny, thoughtless Minchin offering first.   It's like a glass of orange juice for a diabetic before a snack free transcontinental flight. I'm assuming. Somehow I'm not diabetic yet, despite my love of potatoes, white bread, and pasta in … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Quiet Revolutions

George Carlin and Cinnamon Whores

Let's get one thing straight: I am a whore for cinnamon. Not a literal whore. Chill out. But I do love cinnamon flavored anything. Cinnamon ice cream. Cinnamon coffee. Cinnamon Coca Cola is one of my favorite things of all time. What I am not a whore for is Oreos. I dislike Oreos, a great … Continue reading George Carlin and Cinnamon Whores

Appreciation of Women and Hork Buckets

Well. It's column day. I'm following through on my commitment to parenting quotes. I almost never read the paper. I spend all day in the newsroom and all of the reporters know what one another is working on. I don't need to read it. But I do always check out the layout and I'm always … Continue reading Appreciation of Women and Hork Buckets