Minchin Monday and Domestic Violence

First, because I do not want this excellent commentary missed or forgotten or diluted by being placed at the end of this silliness, here. That is brillantly written. It's hard for me to make philosophical and moral arguments clearly, and it's damn near impossible for me to make any argument at all concisely, but this … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Domestic Violence

Minchin Monday and Memory Failure

I can't remember which of these two badass Tim Minchin songs I've shared with you in the not-so-distant past, so I'm going to share them both with you. One of my favorite things to watch wee Tim'thy do is to fuck with the television talk show personalities of Britain. https://youtu.be/Y-ugFFXI3L4 Oh it's such a delight. … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Memory Failure