Astonishing Legends and Japanese Ghost Boys

So anybody ever had sleep paralysis? Are you familiar with sleep paralysis? There's a “documentary” which is basically a horror film for anyone who's ever had sleep paralysis. I mean, there is so much literature, so much lore, so many cold scientific examinations of the phenomenon, so many emotional artistic expressions from people who've experienced … Continue reading Astonishing Legends and Japanese Ghost Boys

Minchin Monday and Quiet Revolutions

Okay. This is a big, long, intense bastard so I'm gonna set you up with a funny, thoughtless Minchin offering first.   It's like a glass of orange juice for a diabetic before a snack free transcontinental flight. I'm assuming. Somehow I'm not diabetic yet, despite my love of potatoes, white bread, and pasta in … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Quiet Revolutions