Weighted Blankets and Roar-Barks

I know. Twice in one day? You lucky bastards. Two things: 1. I was unaware of the existence of this truly delicious little freak show until perusing and open-minded skeptic's examination of the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena. This thing was posited as one potential explanation for the Skinwalker sightings. And I hate it. Frankly, it's the … Continue reading Weighted Blankets and Roar-Barks

Astonishing Legends and Japanese Ghost Boys

So anybody ever had sleep paralysis? Are you familiar with sleep paralysis? There's a “documentary” which is basically a horror film for anyone who's ever had sleep paralysis. I mean, there is so much literature, so much lore, so many cold scientific examinations of the phenomenon, so many emotional artistic expressions from people who've experienced … Continue reading Astonishing Legends and Japanese Ghost Boys