George Carlin and Cinnamon Whores

Let's get one thing straight: I am a whore for cinnamon. Not a literal whore. Chill out. But I do love cinnamon flavored anything. Cinnamon ice cream. Cinnamon coffee. Cinnamon Coca Cola is one of my favorite things of all time. What I am not a whore for is Oreos. I dislike Oreos, a great … Continue reading George Carlin and Cinnamon Whores

New Notebooks and Old Friends

Visited with my sister-in-law and her munchkin tonight. We've sort of lost track of one another, only to recently reconnect at her daughter's birthday party a couple of months ago. We we're married to brothers. We've been to a lot of the same emotionally eviscerating places. It was really good to see her, and her … Continue reading New Notebooks and Old Friends

Demonizing Knowledge and a Good, Old-Fashioned Shunnin’

Eureka! Finally! I finally figured out just what the hell it was about something my (ex) therapist told me that made it hit me so wrong. He used to tell me that I had what he called "smart person syndrome." I went to a little rift in the space-time continuum in Scandia called the Church … Continue reading Demonizing Knowledge and a Good, Old-Fashioned Shunnin’

Resting Heart Rate and REM

My dad got hold of me a couple of weeks ago, wanting to know whether I'd like his old FitBit. The button had stopped functioning, he said, and he'd replaced it before realizing that superglue and a replacement mechanism from Amazon would restore his original piece to working order. He wound up fixing the old … Continue reading Resting Heart Rate and REM

Jaycee Dugard and I’m Conflicted

I think a lot about Jaycee Dugard. Kidnapped at 11 and held by a pedophile meth head and his wife. She had two children as a result of his constant rapes. And everyone is doe eyes over her. To be clear, they should be. She has a really amazing outlook, is fiercely resilient, and … Continue reading Jaycee Dugard and I’m Conflicted

Silent Hill and Susanna Kaysen

As I often do after hitting the magic "publish" button, I had a minor existential meltdown of shame and paranoia after posting yesterday. Especially when the content is honest and carries some depth, I tend to have blogger's regret and then spend the evening hashing over the text, nailing down minute details like word choices … Continue reading Silent Hill and Susanna Kaysen