Public Meetings and Weather Wizards

Because there's been a call for more local content in the paper, I've started writing more columns. There's not usually space for them, but I write them anyhow. Just in cases. And because my whole heart bleeds from the amount of love I have for writing narrative personal nonfiction like columns. And essays. And Facebook … Continue reading Public Meetings and Weather Wizards

Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Me: oh, I'm going to record this interview so that I can just take casual notes and intuitively drive the conversation whilst I gather the relevant and interesting information more organically and with far less effort than a traditional interview style. Also me: well lookee there. Fuckknuckles if that's not a shitacular surprise...there's my damn … Continue reading Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Thunderstorms and Seeing Your Therapist In Public

One of those things I love, desperately. And it's not seeing my therapist in public. So. It's just awkward. Like, oh, let me tell you about all the times I got punched in the heart by the people I loved most in the world. And then later... Oh, hey, yeah. Frosted Flakes are great. I'm … Continue reading Thunderstorms and Seeing Your Therapist In Public

Minchin Monday and Domestic Violence

First, because I do not want this excellent commentary missed or forgotten or diluted by being placed at the end of this silliness, here. That is brillantly written. It's hard for me to make philosophical and moral arguments clearly, and it's damn near impossible for me to make any argument at all concisely, but this … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Domestic Violence