Canvas Bags and Suicide

I know it’s Tuesday.


I know.

I’m sorry.


I wrote a column all about why I choose to be authentic in my writing. And a bunch of shame-bringing Debbie Downers immediately jumped my shit, and I had to execute them with extreme prejudice. So that was fun.

Also, Yesterday I had to take a photo of like 700,000 people at once.

Or 60.

Like 60 people.

It felt like 700,000. It was a lot of people. Lots of different heights. And shapes.

It was very unorganized, which is entirely my fault. But I’m not a photographer, so I don’t know how to coordinate people.

It’s fine.

Look, my Vyvanse gets refilled today but the pharmacy doesn’t open until like 9 and my brain isn’t entirely functional yet.

I’m sorry.

I’m not sorry.

The photo was for suicide awareness.

Here. Look.


Ugh. I gotta go. Gots ta find some coffee.


Double stat.


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