Prejudice and Caterpillars

Oh my good god almighty how is it effing Tuesday already?

Sweet Jesus.


Real quick speaking of Jesus, I had a dream that Jesus from The Walking Dead was standing on a bad curve in my town with a sign that said caution and he was doing the universal sign for slow down – palm toward the ground gently pumping from chest to belly button – and he filled me with interpersonal MDMA and love.

Sometimes I really enjoy lucid dreaming. He was delightful.


So today I will do Minchin day.

It’s Tuesday but it’s fine.

They told me it would be fine.

Always loved that one.

Second, it was caterpillar hunt day here. My aunt has fields and fields of milkweed so every year I take the girls and we go to her house and we collect caterpillars so that we can science with them.

Metamorphosis is like this awful, beautiful, bizarre thing that I can read about and watch but that I will never ever understand and it’s as close to a religious experience as I think I’ll ever have.

We caught so damn many!

Fat things. I love em. If you’ve never felt the vellum heft of a plump caterpillar between your fingers then brother you have never lived.

They’re so cool.

Last year we lost two batches. There was a caterpillar blight all over the county, probably due to wet early summer weather, according to local science nerds.

This year they are early as shit but they appear equally healthy and equally fat.

There is something positively, existentially, profoundly peaceful about clomping through a horse paddock in grass up to your knees with scads and scads of butterflies lifting up out of the field with every step.

This, you guys, butterfly season, is the very beginning of my very favorite time of year.

I fucking love fall so much.

2 thoughts on “Prejudice and Caterpillars

  1. Loved the part in this Minchin song where he says, “It’s a homophone.” Also, his piano chops are insane! He makes intellectual musical comedy look so easy. Just blows my mind, his level and range of skills.

    Those caterpillars are indeed quite plump! Haven’t had the experience of walking through a field of newly emerged butterflies taking flight, but it sounds lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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