Sidewalk Chalk and County Fairs

So it’s Fair Week here in Warren County.

For me, reasons to avoid the fair are as many and varied as there are…I don’t know…smells at the fair. Or ways to violate every rule of aesthetics using only tie dye anything and a pair of cutoff denim shorts.

You can see all this and more at our local fair.

There are good things too.

Percherons. When I get a horse again I’m getting a percerhon. They’re so much fun to ride. I don’t want to drive it. I don’t want it for anything but trail rides. Just me and my big ass horse and the woods. That’s my entire plan for retirement right there.

Merida for life, y’all!

Okay. So I have to go to stock car football in a bit but I did this preview about the all girl team this year. I gotta be honest though…I’m getting whooped. I got up early and got the girls ready for Little Grandma to pick them up. They were headed to Buffalo for the bouncy house event that’s going down out there.

Fun times.

So I got them ready, did a bit of writing in my nice, fight-free house, and then went to cover the Family Services Fundraiser on Liberty Street.

It was actually a really cool idea for a fundraiser. For ten bucks you got a sidewalk square and all the chalk you could grind down to nothing, and you could make whatever you wanted in your square. Art was completed between 9 and 11 a.m. and judging took place at 11:30 for categories of:

Most Representative of Warren County:


People’s Choice (next to the star):


Most Family Friendly:


Most Abstract:


and Best Overall:


There were lots of great pieces. Full disclosure: FSWC is where I get therapy. And my therapist is somewhere in this picture right here:


I’ll give ya ten bucks if you guess.

Not really.

I don’t have ten bucks.


Here is the rest of that event in a series of photos in no particular order:

This week’s column is getting good reviews. If you’re not aware, there is a really emotional situation going on down here in little old Warren Pa. Someone wants to put in a roundabout and everybody is losing they damn minds.

So I decided to throw my $0.02 into the ring.

Which is another thing we could use the center of a roundabout for. Throwing our two cents into!

I don’t wanna brag or anything, but I am clearly a goddamn genius.


I gotta go. I don’t want to. But I gots ta.


Love ya, bitches.

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