Tony the Fish and Good Enough

It’s Minchin Monday. And since I spent the better portion of this morning out in the woods watching people put trees in streams to help grow trout big and fat, I’ve decided I’ll go ahead and share this little Minchin stand up piece.

Normally I share songs, but I do like this piece. What I love about Tim is that he takes the logic and reason of agnosticism and fence-sitting and makes it completely accessible to a larger audience. Put this way, how can you not entertain at least the possibility of evolution?

And even if you can’t, you’ve got to admit that he at least makes you laugh. Even if you don’t believe a single thing Tim Minchin stands for, doesn’t he make you giggle every now and then? And doesn’t it feel good? To giggle?

Fuck yes it does.

Don’t lie, Susan.

Anyhow. That’s Minchin Monday checked off my Stacey Do list for this week.

I love checking things off of lists.

So goddamn satisfying.

And here are some photos from today’s little stream restoration jaunt.

Just for fun.

Again, they’re not processed in any way and most of them are compositionally questionable at best. But it’s just going to have to be good enough.

Good enough has become my new goal just, like, in life, in general, and let me tell ya…it’s nice. Once you get over the initial repulsion at shooting for “good enough” at whatever it is you’re trying to do, and you allow yourself to hit it and not try to improve it, it’s actually not as distasteful as I expected.



As I sit here thinking about this, I’m realizing that agnosticism is basically a religious version of “good enough.” Isn’t it? I mean, it’s admitting that I do not have perfect knowledge – or even the ability to attain perfect knowledge – of anything in terms of an afterlife, so it’s not worth the fruitless energy I’d spend trying to figure it out.

Agnosticism is an assertion of contentedness with a fundamental and unchangeable state of unknowing.

It’s saying “I don’t know, and that is good enough for me.”

Good enough is good.

I like good enough.


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