Minchin Monday and Rearing Children

One of those two things is fun.

I’ll let you guess.

I love this one. I literally listened to it on repeat for like months 9 through 18 of my daughters’ lives.

They’re now six.

And amazing. And awful, sometimes. Because of my own failures in parenting, my daughters have tantrums like tantrums are Olympic sports and they’ve been training since day one.

I’m dealing with some concerning externalizing behaviors from Juniper. Lately she’s been hitting and she’s lost all of her remote control priveleges for the foreseeable future. Because she can’t stop throwing it at the wall when it’s Sissy’s turn to pick a shitty Tic Tac Toy video.

Seriously? Miss Lucy’s voice makes me want to soak cotton balls in sulfuric acid and jam them into my ears with iron chopsticks.

Not exaggerating.

Here, listen for yourself:

Lucy is the grown ass woman who uses her kids’ natural tendency toward indiscriminate consumerism to support her impressive house and car habits. She’s disgusting. And so is her voice.

Here. Now here is a blonde mom I can get behind. Especially in that leotard.

Rawwwr, Jen.

And Kristin. Love your tall ass too, girl.


Look, raising kids is hard. And we need to be irreverant and sarcastic about it or we’ll never get out alive.

Seriously. If it weren’t for Kristin and Jen and Tim I’d be bonkers right now.

6 thoughts on “Minchin Monday and Rearing Children

    1. I need TicTacToy to die as a channel. I can’t even deal with it. and I am absolutely secure enough with my own negative personality traits to say that without a doubt it’s mostly jealousy that these kids are making six figure incomes from pimping toys on YouTube. It’s absurd to me that this is what it’s come down to. However, there are certain toy whorin’ families that I can tolerate. And then, there’s fuckin’ Lucy. She’s awful. 😂😂😂


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