Minchin Monday and Claws

Ohhhhh hell. It’s Monday. Which means it’s Minchin Monday. And I still have 32 minutes.

I certainly didn’t forget or anything.

Really don’t have any reason to share this one other than it’s one I don’t share that often.

I’ve been rewatching series lately.

I rewatched 911 because I want to be Abby and I would like to find myself a Fireman Buckley of my very own.

Please don’t tell anyone what a total shameless chick I am.

I’ll deny everything.

I’ve rewatched Six Feet Under just because I love the shit out of Frances Conroy and whoever plays Claire.

And now I’m rewatching season one of Claws between season two episodes.

Desna is who I am on the inside.


Alright then. Happy Monday babies.


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