A Protest and So Tired

I don’t care if they’re in a chain link enclosure for 30 minutes or a “detention shelter” for three days. If a child is taken from its parents and left inside of a cold structure and not comforted as it cries it is being traumatized.

The permancency of the structure does not matter. This is basic neurobiology. You are traumatizing a child when you cause it neurological stress and do not comfort it. Period. I don’t care if it’s a chain link cage or a cage made out of gold and electronics and all of the toys and candy the child could ever possibly want.

A cage is a cage is a cage and if a child is being detained without its caregiver, it is being caged. Cages are not narrowly defined physical structures they are contexts and circumstances, you fucking morons.

I’m so tired of the left hyperbolizing and the right justifying their ratched behavior with religious texts that they try to shove down everyone’s throats all day long on top of it.

Dude, everybody needs to get over themselves. The problem isn’t politics, idiots. It’s humanity. The fact that anyone should have to stand on the courthouse lawn and tell anyone else that creating attachment disorders and traumatized kids galore by detaining them separately from their parents is ludicrous to me.

Donald Trump is Bob Ewell with a goddamn checkbook.


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