Math House and a Tire Fire


You guys.

For like two months I’ve been slowly just, like, feeling it less and less. Just life. All if it.

All of the things.

It’s gonna be fine.

But I was dropping my kids off at school last week and I was coming off the hill the back way. The back route from the school takes you through a little neighborhood that you’d really never otherwise see unless you were specifically going there. Off the main roads. No real outlet other than the school and the main route below.

Anyhow, there’s this house there that I happened to notice and immediately loved because of what they had on the facade of their porch.

Thats a damn equation, y’all. How awesome is that?

It’s mega awesome.

That is precisely how awesome that is, folks.

Unfortunately, I’m a philosophy/writing/psychology major. I have no idea what the equation is for.

And unsatisfied curiosity, for me, is exponentially more painful than an un-sneezed sneeze.

That’s pretty painful.

Help me!!!

Comment what the equation is for below if you know it. First person to solve it (the mystery, not the equation) wins all my undying love and affection.

Also, I live less than a mile from the biggest fire this little town has seen since I started at the paper, by far.

The full story of the fire will be in the TO tomorrow, but here are some photos to chew on until then.

It was so devastating. Apparently, according to Chief Pascuzzi, the call came in around 12:45 this morning. I was fast asleep. Which itself is sort of a miracle. I live a mile from here. And I never sleep!


Bummer. Big one.


I’ve said before that fires are tragic and devastating. It’s true. I feel awful for the owner of the building. It’s a staple business in the community. I’m 35 and I’ve lived here my whole life and I can’t remember Warren Tire not being here.

But covering fires means being immersed into one hell of a target rich environment. And there are two separate and equally compelling stories to be told at most largish fires. There’s the fire and the story of its victim, and then there’s the story of the fire personnel themselves.

I don’t always have time to cover that second one at the scene, but I did last summer. The photos are some of my favorite of all time.



So. That’s Thursday wrapped up.


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