Minchin Monday and Memory Failure

I can’t remember which of these two badass Tim Minchin songs I’ve shared with you in the not-so-distant past, so I’m going to share them both with you.

One of my favorite things to watch wee Tim’thy do is to fuck with the television talk show personalities of Britain.

Oh it’s such a delight. I love how he blatantly takes the instructions given him and proceeds to fold them into a delicate and clever little origami middle finger before waving it right in all the uptight faces of the show’s producers, on air.

Damn the man, Tim! Save the empire! You can take absolutely zero shit from fascist television producers, everyone. You cannot give them one inch.

The Minch is an inspiration to us all.

Next, let’s watch Tim challenge the masculine integrity of this dude right here.

Aw. When he turns the photo around. So damn cute. In a homeless, finger in the light socket sort of way.

Teehee. Naughty boy.

Alright. And just because I feel like three is a better number than two, here’s a bonus round.

And this is actually a really catchy song on top of being hilarious. I mean, they all are, but this one for some reason is a huge earworm for me.

And now, I pass it on to you.

You’re welcome, loves.

Alright. Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. Canine officer Choper died. Governor Wolf even called for flags to fly at half-staff throughout the county on Friday.

It’s been a rough time for everyone who knew Choper. He was just a pup. I know that his handler and parter is struggling. Choper was a huge part of his professional identity, but more than that he was personally, deeply bonded with the dog.

What’s been amazing is the community support for the officers and for Choper. He really was loved and the local response – hundreds of civilians on the courthouse lawn to honor a police dog – it makes me happy to live in a small town. I mean, I joke about it, but honestly?

It’s so nice to see people support one another and care so much about something as comparatively small as the death of a police dog. A lot of people have laughed and scoffed. Looked down their noses at the bumpkins grieving a dog.

I love it.

These are the things that make people tolerable. That remind me that I don’t, actually, want to move onto a deserted island offshore in Alaska to live with the bears and the wolves and the Squatches. That I actually do kind of like people, sometimes.

This type of shit reaffirms my faith in humanity.

I’ll be hitting comedy hard tomorrow, though, following Choper’s funeral May even need to hit up some Bob Saget stand up.


Alright. I’m out. More on Choper tomorrow.

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