Minchin Monday and Award Dinners

It’s Monday.

Which means Minchin. One of the things I love most about Tim is that he’s actually talented beyond his ability to wield humor and sarcasm like a mighty weapon.

Some of his serious songs are my favorites.

I dedicate this one to he-who-shall-not-be-named. Burn in hell.

Also, this past Saturday was the Keystone banquet. It was a 4 1/2 hours drive to Gettysburg but worth it. The hotel was beautiful, and I got a good table of fellow writers to share my $70 fish with.

Should’ve ordered the beef.

It was a nice time. Especially the free alcohol part.

Thats what a room full of writers who’ve been drinking for free for four hours looks like.

It’s basically impossible not to have fun.

Maddi came to hang out with Harper and June. It seems only fitting that I bring them given that I won for columns in which I write about them. They had the best time ever. They swam for hours and hours and had a pizza party in the room while I went to the banquet. I was so so glad that Maddi could come so that they could come along and have fun.

So that’s that.

Happy Monday.


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