Minchin Monday and Columns Columns Columns

Oh shit. Here we are again at Monday. As I sit here awaiting the entirely voluntary hellishness to which I subject myself (therapy) to begin I find myself realizing that once again I have failed to give any substantive thought to what I want to share for this lovely day of our lord Tim. So … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Columns Columns Columns

Minchin Monday and Claws

Ohhhhh hell. It's Monday. Which means it's Minchin Monday. And I still have 32 minutes. I certainly didn't forget or anything. Really don't have any reason to share this one other than it's one I don't share that often. https://youtu.be/u_ElXYzFX_w I've been rewatching series lately. I rewatched 911 because I want to be Abby and … Continue reading Minchin Monday and Claws

Public Meetings and Weather Wizards

Because there's been a call for more local content in the paper, I've started writing more columns. There's not usually space for them, but I write them anyhow. Just in cases. And because my whole heart bleeds from the amount of love I have for writing narrative personal nonfiction like columns. And essays. And Facebook … Continue reading Public Meetings and Weather Wizards

Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Me: oh, I'm going to record this interview so that I can just take casual notes and intuitively drive the conversation whilst I gather the relevant and interesting information more organically and with far less effort than a traditional interview style. Also me: well lookee there. Fuckknuckles if that's not a shitacular surprise...there's my damn … Continue reading Tooth Fairies and Awkward Silences

Thunderstorms and Seeing Your Therapist In Public

One of those things I love, desperately. And it's not seeing my therapist in public. So. It's just awkward. Like, oh, let me tell you about all the times I got punched in the heart by the people I loved most in the world. And then later... Oh, hey, yeah. Frosted Flakes are great. I'm … Continue reading Thunderstorms and Seeing Your Therapist In Public