Birthday Parties and Funny Stories

I totally just found this in my kid’s backpack. It was so great. She’d been hiding it from me, but she made it for mother’s day and you guys?

I. Love. Everything. About. It.

All of it.

Every single thing.

That was from Harper. Apparently I’m 99 years old, but I’m also only 99 pounds so. I’ll take it.

I love that she had nice things to say about me because, honestly? I get mostly “I don’t like you” and “stop talking to me” here at home.

I also found this in Juno’s communicator the other day.

Oh my God I can’t even stand it.

Anybody remember that Nickelodeon show, “Ahh Real Monsters?”

That show died way too young. 😦

Her illustration reminds me of it though. I love it.

Also, birthday party time is officially over. And hail Satan for that because hell on wheels, y’all. .

We had a great turnout. The weather literally broke just for us. It rained right up until 20 minutes to showtime and it started raining again last night.

It’s been a long couple of weeks leading up to the party and another long day after just purging our current toy hoard in order to make room for the new, getting everything put away again, and just generally coming down from the overstimulation of it all.

That last one mostly refers to me.

Ugh. I do not do well with so much so unrelentingly. It was great to have Shanell here, and we did this awesome thing.

So, all the cool girls are now doing recreation photos of first birthdays.

Shanell and I have been friends since 2001, and we had our first children within two months of one another. We’re both 35 this year and we decided we’d celebrate for about an hour before the birthday party started.

There were tutus.

There was wine.

And cake.

My friend Laura is an amazing photographer, and she was coming to the party anyhow, so she came an hour early and did our pictures.

I can’t wait to see them.

I can’t believe that six years have gone by so fast. There are days that feel as though they’ll never end, and develomental tasks that seem as though they’ll never be accomplished. But then you turn around and a year’s gone by.

I really hate people who tell moms to “enjoy it because it goes so fast.” As if we don’t realize that. Suggesting that we’re doing yet another thing wrong – not enjoying it or appreciating it enough in the moment – really is not helpful, nor is it a great way to make a mom friend.

Trust me. We know that it goes by so fast. We are aware.

And we’re already worried about enough things. Judging ourselves too harshly for a million other perceived shortfalls.

We don’t need to be reminded that it’ll be over before we know it and that we aren’t thankful enough for it right now.

Mindfulness has its place but seriously.

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