Amish Horses and Coveted Houses

There’s this apartment building on the corner of Market Street and Fourth Avenue that I want to live in so badly. I mean, I never could now. I have a whole house and two kids.

But it’s totally my single girl fantasy.

What? The mom on Inside Out got a single girl fantasy!

We all need an “if I weren’t a mom I’d…” to fall back on, cognitively. Or else we’d just explode.

Shut up and let me have my thing.

This building? It’s huge, with six units, two units each taking up each of the three stories. The building is one of the historic downtown structures, and there are enclosed front and open back patios on each unit. Ivy growing up the walls. I’ll bet the bathrooms are all porcelain and tile. Ugh. It’s stunning.

Of course, I’d want third floor left. My left. Not the building’s left.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

Don’t judge.

Anyhow, yesterday after covering county RDA, I had to take a little stroll down to Liberty Street to get a photo of the paving for Mr. Holtz.

On my way there I ran across this little fella tied to my dream building:

I’m currently sitting in a park awaiting my 11 a.m. interview, so I’m not processing photos. You’re getting my full-octane uglies today.

Lo siento.


It’s not unusual to run across Amish men and their horses in town during summer. Even well into fall they’ll be about, working on construction gigs whilst their mighty steeds happily graze the landscaping.

This fella surprised me, though, and I couldn’t help but stop for a quick shot. Like the beautiful German Shepard in the back of someone’s truck this morning, there was no one about to gain permission for petting.

Which of course bummed me out.

Because I become a child in the presence of basically any animal I’m allowed to touch regardless of species, breed, behavior, or level of stink.

For the record, I’ve never met a stinky horse. Horses, horse barns, hay, and leather are some of my all-time favorite smells.

There are some dogs I need to formulate handwashing plans prior to petting, however. I do not enjoy dog smells.

Not a’tall.

Anyhow. That’s that.

Happy Wednesday.

Find something beautifully mundane in your own life and do it the honor of documenting it today. It’s good for you.

It’s everyday magic.

Elevate the everyday, every day.


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