Canvas Bags and a Bus Stop Riverdance

It’s Monday.

Minchin Monday.

Which means that it is time for me to share my very favorite Minchin song of all time with you maniacs.

Now, I do a lot of joking about dirty hippies. Mainly because it’s fun. But the truth is that as a child of the ’90s who tries to emulate all things Wednesday Addams and Marilyn Manson, there is always been a soft spot in my heart for a dreadlocked, homeless-looking hippie man.

And the softest spot in my wasted heart for hippie men is reserved for Tim Minchin and his canvas bags.

I just wanna rub my face on that beard like a cat.

All. Damn. Day.

In other news, my kids do weird shit at the bus stop every day, and today we have a river/chicken dance combo going on.

So that’s fine.

Happy Monday.

Make it stop.

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