More Tim Minchin and I’m Nearly Through

I decided to sleep on my anger at the prick who called me incompetent and hope that it would fade away before I awoke.


Such is not the case.

I’d considered a direct email to let him know that the fact that I’m the only person with a vajimjam in the newsroom does not, in fact, make me incompetent, but I decided instead to just listen to this song.

All. Damn. Morning. Long.

Whilst doing my makeup.

Whilst doing my hair.

Whilst changing the lyrics to accommodate his name in place of the name “Phil Daoust.”

It’s actually been quite cathartic, and I’m feeling significantly better, thank you.

But I’ve been thinking that we all probably have our own personal Phil Daoust and this song really does help to disempower the Phils of the world in our minds, and in our hearts.

So here you go, Minchinites.

Rename your Phils, sing along with me, and let’s get this godforsaken day started, yes?

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