NPR and Dollar Margaritas

So. Left for Ithaca with 666 on the odometer. Always a good sign when you’re driving the miles of the beast.

Three hours between home and Ithaca means lots of NPR.

My kid? Harper? She listened to Hidden Brain with me. The whole way. Like, she chose NPR over her tablet. She thinks that Shankar Vedantam sounds “like a pretty cool fella.”

We are the same person, 30 years apart. It’s bananas.

I could not be more proud.

This was our favorite episode.

“Romeo and Juliet in Kigali”

I love it when the power of storytelling is put on full display. I do not think enough people really understand the serious power story has to change human life, in both the microcosmic and the macrocosmic sense.

It has been a great weekend.

The kiddos have been having fun.

Stuart introduced me to this crazy shit, which I think I love almost as much as people cutting floral foam with a knife.

Shanell and I even got to sneak away for some lunch and a movie this afternoon. Her birthday was earlier this month, and I found the most perfect card ever. And we saw the new Amy Schumer movie.

We spent like four hours without kids talking about big girl shit.

It was resplendent.

And now there’s Samuel L. Jackson and vodka. So basically…best day ever. I do not recall the last time I went to a movie that wasn’t animated, and included cussing.

It was the most amazing thing ever.

I forgot that was a thing that people could do.

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