Karate Kids and Zofran For Wellness

I have spent the past two days eating Zofran and now all my Zofran is gone.

Also, I realize that it is Tuesday, which means that it is Tarot Tuesday, but I’m sorry. ATOD turned into a weird-ass shit show without the Kush there to moderate, and I had to leave two times to go yak in the second floor girls room and then I got back to work and had to leave again and my throat hurts and my kid had karate tonight, and then I had to run to Youngsville for a photo and then straight home to puke again and make dinner, and then I had to sit through dinner and do pits and peaks and be a parent and then I had to do dishes and now I’m getting ready for one of two Hospice make-up classes I missed last year because I was becoming the official Scuba Steve, and then I have to come home and for sure puke some more and then try to go to sleep and fail and then not get enough sleep so I can start all over again tomorrow.

It’s gonna be great. My publisher said I could put the trip to Harrisburg to accept the Hospice award on my mileage as long as I brought back a picture of it so he could put it in the paper.

And I said listen, sir. I agreed to go to Harrisburg to accept it in order to keep this out of the paper because I’m only comfortable with attention that’s at least partially negative and completely indirectly hostile. And he said tough titty, Gross. And I said “I’ll get you Kevin Grumbles,” and I sent him a link to the video for context and he didn’t need it because he already knew all about Kevin Grumbles and I realized that my publisher is like the only cool grown up in the whole world.

Plus me. I’m cool too.

But here’s a video in case you’re not cool, and you need context.

Also, here’s my karate kid.

Who is one of the two coolest kids in the whole world.

The other coolest kid of the two coolest kids in the whole world is my yoga kid.

And I’ll have to find her picture later because I’m late because I’m always always late ahhhhhh!

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