Toothbrush Art and Martinelli’s

I love Martinelli’s apple juice.

Mainly just because I love that I can buy juice in a glass bottle. The big bottles are great, too, for change jars. But since I acquired an empty Culligan jug as a coinbank I haven’t been using my big apple juice jug as much.

But the girls love, love, love the little glass bottles that Martinelli’s sells.

And I love them because they’re worth saving. Before I had kids and an actual big girl job I actually was pretty crafty. Even though my feelings toward Pinterest have decidedly soured since real responsibilities became a part of my life. I used to do pretty intense showers and parties for friends and the tiny Martinelli’s bottles were a great resource. Snapple bottles are also useful, but the fun, bubbly shape and the old-timey molded letters and decorations in the Martinelli’s bottles really gets them that little extra intrigue.

I’ve been meaning to put them to use for about a year now, but I haven’t been able to find hose clamps that would fit their tiny necks, so it’s just sort of gotten put off. But I have a bit of an issue, like, an OCD issue, with the toothbrush situation in my bathroom. My kids are not neat and tidy little people. There’s toothpaste on basically everything. And we all have been shoving our toothbrushes into the same stupid plastic snowflake cup that, in no way, represents my personal decor style or the aesthetic I appreciate. We are rustic, shabby-chic, repurposing types of people. Not dollar store plastic accent piece people.

No judgement. But just.

I wasn’t digging the collection of oral hygeine tools on my sink top. And I have this awesome old vintage mirror in my bathroom. It looks like it would have been in a barn or something. It’s just really old and it has two arms where sconces would have gone. I got it, like I got most of my favorite things in my house, at the Lander auction.

I have been meaning to get some toothbrush bottles hung for some time.

But this weekend, after spending an hour deep cleaning the fridge after the great Snapple Explosion of 2018, I decided to actually just go ahead and do it. The jars have been on the windowsill for months because I’ve been promising myself I’m going to go find some hose clamps that will fit them.

We all know that I’m not, but it’s this unspoken thing that I do. I get out elements for a project and then just let them collect dust for months and months before giving up and putting everything away.

But not yesterday, Satan.

Yesterday, the Martinelli’s apple juice bottle tooth brush holders went live. I figured that hose clamps, actually, would be more of a problem than anything else because I would have to locate a screwdriver every time I want to clean them, which I’m going to want to do regularly. And I don’t often know where a screwdriver is in my house because I have significant putting-things-away-in-a-timely-and-consistent-manner issues. So I decided to go for the twine.

Twine solves so many problems in my life. And it’s rustic and old-timey, which matches the aesthetic I prefer to pimp around my place.

Here’s how it happened:

I gathered three bottles – one per toothbrush in need of accommodation. I tossed the caps and rinsed them, letting them air dry overnight.


Please ignore the dirty cleaning towel. It was about to head into the washer after the morning’s iced tea cleanup event. But I just needed something to act as a work mat before I threw it in.

It is one of my favorites, though. Haha.

So, rather than hose clamps I wanted to be able to hang the bottles from the hooks on the mirror so that they could be easily removed and cleaned when the toothbrush sludge starts to gather in the bottom. I figured a simple twine hoop would be best. I cut one longer slice of twine and one shorter. Then, I started a bow around the neck of each bottle, inserting the shorter piece around the back of each bow.


Once the bows were completed, I took the shorter piece and tied it in a knot, taking any extra off the ends.


Next, I gathered my three finished bottles and took them up to hang. I placed one on each hook that already existed on the mirror, and then added a mug hook (cheap, in the fixtures section of the hardware store to the side of the screws) for the middle one.


I also added a length of twine between the two sconce holders so that I could hang Harper’s and my glasses next to our toothbrushes. Harper has two pair of glasses, and these are her extras. Her regulars stay in a case in her room, but we do have a history of losing and misplacing important things like glasses, so having an extra pair in a handy place in the morning is important. I also use the line to keep mine there when I put my contacts in in the morning, so that they’re right where I need them when the contacts come out at night. Because I’m functionally blind without some vision-correction-device installed on my face in one way or another.

So. That’s that project. I really like how it turned out.

And that’s really all I had to share today. I’m not one to often post tutorials on Pinterest bullshit because my life is not Pinterest bullshit conducive. But this one was easy enough that even I could do it, so you know you can handle it. Because my skills are pretty safe as a low bar baseline.

Alright kids.

Peace out.

Happy Monday.

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