F*cking Dinner and Survey Says

Karate (twice a week) and yoga (once a week) nights mean that I need to tighten up my dinner game. My kids are cranky when they get off that afternoon bus and I don’t do snacks in my car because I’ve vacuumed up all of the crushed Goldfish crackers and Capri Sun I’m going to vacuum out of vehicle upholstery in this lifetime.

So I ran a quick Google search for the phrase “what should I make for dinner.”

This is what I got. And I love everything about it.


Yep. This is my new dinner website. So.

Also, you are invited to chime in on this newsroom mystery.

This apparently unintentional cave drawing was discovered in one of the rooms of the Times Observer on the inside wall of a trash can.

It’s clearly a cryptid.

But what phylum? What taxonomic classification, for the love of God, could this monster belong to?


I’m voting for naming this previously undiscovered beast the “shitgoyle.”

But what do you think?

This is important, cutting edge science, you guys. Comment below. Survey says…

Or don’t, and be a total choad.

It’s entirely up to you.

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