Jan Brett and Squee

You guys.

Jan Brett came to our school.

Every year there is a contest to get Jan to come to a school, for a full day visit, to demonstrate her illustration process, and to visit classrooms.

It’s really exciting, especially at a time when classes like library and arts are being slashed in budgets and are being culturally thrown under the bus in favor of STEM and sports.

So to have Jan, who is passionate about illustration and reading, give so generously of her time is beyond fantastic.

What I loved about talking to Jan is that she expressed so much of what I personally understand. I almost cry when I meet someone who says that they got into a creative career because they struggled socially or found social skills like conversation to be a challenge.

It’s like meeting a new member of my tribe.

I get all squee.

So great.

I was able to get the girls to come down and meet Jan while she signed a copy of “The Mermaid” for them.


It was a really great day.

Here are the photos from the presentation, and some photos of just random crap. Like my view from the chair in the office, where I haven’t sat since I was in school. And random shots that my kids took of my hand and ceiling and stuff. Because they were unexpected and kind of fun.

And just, like, minutiae.

Minutiae is a great word.


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