Terrifying Rabbits and Darko Philosophy

I fucking love Donnie Darko. The character and the film. https://youtu.be/ZZyBaFYFySk You know what? I love that everyone hated it when it came out. Because that makes it easier to pick cool people out of a crowd. If Donnie Darko gets you all jacked up, and frantically seeking out a white board that you can … Continue reading Terrifying Rabbits and Darko Philosophy

Loose Jeans and Zombie Jesus

Oh, lort. I have worn the same size clothes since the girls were born. Basically. I think I may have gone down one jeans size since then, but it would have been immediately after they were born due to the fact that nearly seventeen pounds of human being/human being life support system got removed from … Continue reading Loose Jeans and Zombie Jesus

Hanged Men and Roseanne is my Homegirl

This is a big, big day for me y'all. My homegirl is coming back. Roseanne is like my mascot. I grew up idolizing her. I wasn't raised in a family of loud women. The women in my family were quiet, and mostly well-behaved. They weren't weak. My mom definitely ran the show, I think, but … Continue reading Hanged Men and Roseanne is my Homegirl

Dinking Lice and Cherry Poppin’

Oh me oh my. I'm officially on hour twelve. At least another four to go. Girls will be home soon and... Oh. Look at that. You just traveled another three hours into the future. That was a three hour paragraph break right there. Thats exactly what that three hours felt like, too. Like for real, … Continue reading Dinking Lice and Cherry Poppin’