Reggie Watts Wednesday and My Kids

First, here. You need to ingest this delightful morsel. Then we can talk.

I know.

He IS magically delicious.

Now. My kids.

Holy shit my kids are funny.

They had no choice but to develop a good sense of humor. Given, you know, who they got stuck having parent them.

(Me. It’s me.)

I remember in their second year of Head Start the fraus would tell me all the time, and their teacher, too, that they’re instructed not to use sarcasm with the children because they’re not developmentally ready to handle it.

And all three of the fraus were super thrilled that not only did my kids get sarcasm, but they were able to sling it right back.

Lots of things make me proud of those girls but their sense of humor and resilience are just inspiring.

I don’t post a ton of video of them because I already feel kind of half funny about sharing as many pictures as I do, but I don’t know.

This one just kills me every time and I feel like the world needs it.

Here’s Harper. Being full-on Harper.

I love that little turd pony. Both of them. Love ’em both.


I can’t even stand it.

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