Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

Oh, Aaron Paul.

You’ll always be Jesse Pinkman to me.

Even when you’re Eddie Lane.

Oh, I just love his ass. What a hot mess. I get him. I completely, completely understand Jesse Pinkman.

Eddie Lane I’m having a little more trouble with. This season especially. He seemed like he was so above all the crazy cult shit. And I mean, yes it was entirely gratifying to see him spank the shit out of Cal.



Dude is heinous. His whole manner of being and just his dumb, stupid face.

I hate Cal desperately, and beyond all reason being that he’s, y’know. Fictional and what not.

I get wound up.

I don’t know I just always really identified with Eddie because he seemed like the only rational one in the entire cast of characters, but this season I just can’t figure out his end game.

Like, he must see the lunacy of it all, right?


Cults or meth.

Really doesn’t matter. Aaron Paul is awesome.

But he’s more awesome as Pinkman.


One thought on “Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

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