Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

Oh, Aaron Paul. You'll always be Jesse Pinkman to me. Even when you're Eddie Lane. https://youtu.be/5szi474PNhE Oh, I just love his ass. What a hot mess. I get him. I completely, completely understand Jesse Pinkman. Eddie Lane I'm having a little more trouble with. This season especially. He seemed like he was so above all … Continue reading Eddie Lane and Jesse Pinkman

Abbey and 1,078 Words

Here's what's been written about Abbey since her battle began in 2015. Sheffield 14-Year-Old Shows Tremendous Strength In Fighting An Aggressive Cancer Surrounding Abbey Dirty Dozen Changes Focus; Now Fundraiser for Abbey Abbey Halfway Through Battle Against Cancer Two Magical Words: Cancer Free Teen Thankful For the Little Things Amid Fight With Cancer And, sadly, … Continue reading Abbey and 1,078 Words