“Absentia” and Valentine’s Nonsense

First of all, I love Valentine’s Day. I say I don’t because I have a very seriously ingrained and expected personality trait of surly resistance and salty distaste for all things pink or heart-shaped or tainted in any way by the concept of love.

But since I began our Valentine’s Day hotel room adventure three years ago, I have really started to enjoy it.

Today before I took the girls for visitation we had some time to kill so we stopped at Crary. They never get tired of art. It’s great.

Also, I started watching “Absentia” because apparently TV does not understand that I need my favorite shows to run nonstop. Because I don’t do drugs, and I don’t drink (enough) and fictional universes are my only escape from the horror of my reality.

I’m only hyperbolizing a little. I’m really do love televised fiction. It makes me calm.

If you have Amazon Prime you should probably check it out. It’s not bad. It reminds me pretty seriously of another limited series I really enjoyed recently: “The Sinner.”

It really is pretty good. Less well rendered than “The Sinner.” Or, maybe that’s not fair. I found “The Sinner” more compelling, character-wise. That being said, I’m intrigued by the premise of marrying someone whose wife is ruled dead in absentia.

The entire idea of hanging up the requirement of physical evidence after a certain amount time.

It’s really about how we know that we’re real at all, isn’t it? And how the world evaluates our realness. And our worth.

I know. Leave it to me to philosophize something out of perspective.

But it’s an intriguing concept. Don’t lie, dude. You know you’re as fascinated now as I am.

You’re welcome.

Infecting brains.

It’s my verb, y’all.

Anyway, it’s good. It engages in a fair amount of psychological theatrics, as most media that falls in the psych. thriller genre tends to do.

But knowing that, it’s still good. Check it out. It’s entirely binge-worthy, which is my top criteria for television.

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