Bagel Day and a Couple of Kittens

Harper and I had some very much needed Mom-Harper time. Raising multiples can be difficult for any number of reasons.

Raising multiples of very differing personalities, without someone to help break up what can quickly become a rather triangulated interpersonal dynamic from time to time?

God damn, it’s frustrating.

I never cease to marvel at how different the girls’ personalities become when the second girl is removed from the equation.

Anyhow, we did a few things. We had to run to the store to get some yeast, because Danielle from the salon had given us what looks like a really great bagel recipe. And it probably is a really great bagel recipe if you can curb your enthusiasm long enough to let them rise properly and if you’re making a savory rather than a sweet bagel.


We made bagel dough and, while we were waiting for it to rise, we went to the car wash. I have tried multiple times with various different reinforcement strategies to get my kids to stop bringing toys and food into my car. It has not worked.

I, too, can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to just leaving things in the car. Rarely do I have a passenger, and so my passenger seat becomes the junk seat. I need to make concerted efforts to keep it looking like a car and not the inside of a dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant. So we ran to throw out the majority of the contents of my car and also wash the salt off of it, and on the way back home, since we still had about 45 minutes to let the bagels rise, we went to visit Auntie Amanda and her two kittens Olive and Stella.

We love all three of them. Harper played with the kittens. Harper wants me to get a laser pointer so she can chase it now.

I tried to explain the concept of dignity to her while telling her I wasn’t letting her chase a laser pointer.

It didn’t work.

We came home and got back to work on our bagels. Now, I knew ahead of time that this recipe was really one better suited toward a savory rather than a sweet bagel. And to that end I had picked up a small can of jalapenos and some Asiago. Because bread is one of three (pasta and wine are the other two) reasons I will never be skinny, but more than plain bread, mama loves bread filled with peppers and cheese.

Five year olds? Not such big fans of jalapenos. They won’t even eat their favorite food if there is one fleck of visible black ground pepper on it. Because black ground pepper is “too spicy.”

Fun side note? I’m the weirdo at the table who reaches for the pepper before the salt and literally encrusts whatever I’m eating with it.

I’m sick.

Anyhow. I knew that we would not be making pepper bagels. I knew that we would be making cinnamon raisin bagels.

And we did.


And they were okay. But I’m excited to have some time to myself this afternoon. Because imma get my spicy bagel game on.

I’m also going to watch Groundhog Day again. Because Bill Murray is right. He is a God. I love that movie. It’s just so cute.

I wanna go to Punxy next year and order a sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist every day that I stay there. I’m gonna need a jaded bartender to shake is head at everything I say too.

Love that movie.

Alright. I guess that’s my Sunday dispatch. It’s Superbowl Sunday, from what I understand. But I am this guy:

So no one is inviting me to any Superbowl parties.

For which I am eternally thankful.

I do kinda wish someone would bring me some chicken wings and beer, though.

I mean.

It’s the holidays and all.

I’ll be consolidating my shampoo and conditioner collections. I spend more than I probably should on shampoo and conditioner, but it works and it smells good and there is precious little on this Earth that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. So if I have to pony up for tea tree product, then so be it. But I also refuse to throw away two inches of conditioner at the bottom of the bottle because the pump can’t reach it. So I occasionally have to gather my mostly empty bottles and cut them open to combine.

Whatever. What time does the Puppy Bowl start? Now that I dig.


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