My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

Ok. It's Wednesday. I love Wednesdays. I love them so hard. On Wednesdays, Juniper goes to yoga with Miss Kelly. Kelly and I graduated together but I only recently learned that she had a lot of the same issues I did growing up. Sensitivity to sensory experiences. Shyness. Overstimulation in social interactions. Honestly? I was … Continue reading My Happy Corner and Life is Simple

Reggie Watts Wednesday and My Kids

First, here. You need to ingest this delightful morsel. Then we can talk. I know. He IS magically delicious. Now. My kids. Holy shit my kids are funny. They had no choice but to develop a good sense of humor. Given, you know, who they got stuck having parent them. (Me. It's me.) I … Continue reading Reggie Watts Wednesday and My Kids

Tarot Tuesday and Tupac Shakur

First of all, I have two songs that have basically been on shuffle back to back for days. In my car. On my phone. Out of Alexa's mouth. One is Kid Rock's F.O.A.D. Which...yeah. It's cathartic. Don't judge. The other one is this: Just feels appropriate. There is plenty in Tupac's music that I … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday and Tupac Shakur

Poop in the Carpet and a Dead Mouse

Wow. Yesterday was It started out fine. I woke up. I had coffee. I had more coffee. I listened to Kid Rock. More coffee. I played Cupcake Race with my kids. It's basically Candy Land with tiny pieces of plastic that you have to interact with. And keep track of. And it makes me … Continue reading Poop in the Carpet and a Dead Mouse

La Gran Fiesta and Wise Mannie

La Gran Fiesta. It's a thing. Spanish teachers put together a nice little thing where enchiladas are served and Jennifer Lopez is played. It's really fun.   Even as a 35-year-old woman, I kinda liked it. Although I can tell you two very crystal clear epiphanies I had during the evening: A am a 35-year-old … Continue reading La Gran Fiesta and Wise Mannie