The Dead South and Times A-Changin’

First of all, this, you guys.

I love music. Everything about it. I love the way that music makes dopamine leak into my brain. I love the way it takes me out of my mind and gives me something pleasant to focus on. I love the sounds, I LOVE the sounds of voices.

I’m very sensitive to the minute elements of sounds, voices, instruments, I can physically feel them, at times, when they are strong, or particularly compelling. Tone of voice is a big thing. It’s gotten me into arguments that I probably didn’t need to have, but it’s just so clear when someone’s tone changes and what that means and a lot of times, I’ve realized, we’re not always as aware of our tone as the speaker as we are as the listener.

These guys’ voices, the visuals in the video, the outfits (seriously, if I get married again, that’s the groomsmen’s outfits right there, AND our first song, and the beard with the guy attached is mine, so), the beards. Mind you, the beards. Beards, beards, beards, and the suspenders.

Love it.

Every single thing about it.

I love it. This is going to be one of my favorite bands from now on, until the day I die, because I loved the single so much that I immediately downloaded every album, and every song on all three albums is not just good but really, really good. Like, there’s not one song of theirs I would skip over for any reason unless I wanted to hear a different one specifically.


I don’t usually pimp shit to quite this degree, but I really want you to understand that you need to love this band.

Okie doke.


Tarot Tuesday.

I know it’s Wednesday already. I do know. But some shit has been hitting some fans lately. Today is my two-year anniversary with this blog, and with WordPress. And it’s been a good two years. I’ve said some things. I’ve had some laughs. I’ve probably told you more about me than you ever wanted or needed to know (but you’re the one reading it, so you’ll have to ask yourselves some hard questions if that’s a problem for you). And, most importantly, I’ve completely packed the media storage allowance on the free plan here at WordPress.

It’s three GBs. I have not one iota what a GB is. I have no way to quantify a GB because I am the type of woman who is lucky that I understand how to check my email. But I know that I have used them all. Every last GB has been spent.

I’m out of GBs.

So it came down to a decision. Either pony up and buy a plan or don’t, and eliminate the photographic portion of my blog. Because nothing I found after several hours of fiddling this weekend provides me with an acceptable way to share photos without adding them to my media library and sharing them using the Jetpack gallery function on the WP interface.

That’s not going to work for me. And while I do not have money to blow, I don’t consider buying a plan a complete waste as my entire ability to provide for myself and my daughters is writing.

I make no money from this blog. I don’t plan to ever make money from this blog.


I recognize that a writer makes money by having an audience, and that that writer’s ability to one day maybe sell manuscripts to people who will give her money for them depends on her abiltiy to give those people concrete examples of her ability to make people who will give them money to read the words they bought from her.

The more outlets for people to access my writing, the better. And whether it’s a blog or a column or just my own internal monologue vomited up into a physical presence and made available for the world to access, it’s a good idea, and potentially helpful.

What I want to tell you is that I now own a domain, to which will be redirecting automatically within the next 48 to 72 hours.

I bring home $162 every two weeks from my job.

There is literally no greater way for me to demonstrate commitment to a thing than to spend money on it.

I mean, we’ve been dating for two years. WordPress has been a generally good partner. In all reality, it was about time to put a ring on it anyhow. Cutting me off from sharing media (photographs are flash fiction/flash nonfiction in a single shot) was probably the best way for her to get me to propose.


So. Now that all that is out of the way, I also want to assure you that Tarot Tuesday this week will be posted by the end of today, and hopefully I’ll be able to resume my regularity again going forward.

Thanks to literally every single person who lurks, or tarries, or wanders, or explores, or otherwise comes here. And I won’t tell you what to do, because you’re human beings with functional minds and you’ll do what you want. But I would love to talk to you. There are days where I get hundreds of visitors, yet I rarely have comments. Since I’ve gone from casual to formal with the blog itself, I’m also interested in getting more interactive with anyone who reads it.

Leave a comment.

Send an email.

React. Good or bad, let me know what you think. A writer without feedback is a street preacher with no strategy.

Let me know how I’m doing.

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