Drag Queens and Manic Mondays

Fell down a bit of a rabbit hole on YouTube today.

I first found my way to some of my early 90s favorite videos. “Manic Monday” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Tiffany. The B52s. Oh, god. Eighth grade.
Im still not enitely sure how I wound up where I did. But it doesn’t matter because it was glorious.

I used to watch RuPaul when she was on VH1. In…you guessed it…the 90s. I always enjoyed Ru. I never got into Drag Race, though. Just never found my way to it.

I may need to, now that I’ve seen this. I have spent easily 45 minutes just watching these and I have laughed harder this morning than I think I have all week.

I need to internalize some of these fabulous queens.

Ooh…Note to self: look up Freddy Mercury videos when I’m done here.

Anyhow. I think I found my way from The Bangles to drag queens by way of a series of countdowns of YouTube stars who killed their careers. Still not sure how I got from nineties videos to that but. In any case, I have been reminded this morning that everyone, everyone, has a hater or two.

It sucks when the biggest one is in your own head. It’s a constant thing, scanning self talk and trying to correct a too-harsh personal critic.

I need a few of these girls in my nugget just running defense.

Everybody does.

They’re glorious.

4 thoughts on “Drag Queens and Manic Mondays

    1. Oh my gosh. I have! Alyssa and Detox are my patronus! I love the hell outta this show. I love that they have taken the rules and told society precisely where to shove them and that they are celebrating their own authenticity. It’s fabulous and we could all use a little more of that in our own personalities.


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