Kristin and Jen

These moms. Oh my God you guys, these moms. 

Shanell texted me like eight or nine months ago now, probably. “Have you ever seen the video of the moms talking about Khal Drogo?” This was after I’d broken down and agreed to watch one episode – ONE stupid episode – of stupid Game of stupid freaking Thrones. And then immediately become a seething, obsessed GOT person on the exact same level of all of the GOT people I’d hated up to that point. 

Same thing happened when I let a former coworker and member of Hamilton Anonymous convince me to just download the soundtrack and give it a try. 

Yeah…I can recite act one in its entirety at this point. My kids ask for one of two things when they get in my car: 1. Bob Zimmerman (Dylan)’s Mr. Tambourine Man or 2. Hamilton. 

Usually, it’s Hamilton. And they can recite My Shot.

They’re five.

It’s fine. I refuse to feel bad that my kids know the songs to one of the greatest musicals of all time. 

Anyhow. I was waiting and waiting for this video to come up on YouTube because I can’t share Facebook videos on my free WordPress and I have a grand total of somewhere in the neighborhood of -$6,000 available in my “anything but utilities and food” budget to allot to becoming able to embed Facebook videos, so when it came up a few weeks ago I was unable to show it. 

But these two. It’s like if someone recorded me and Shanell after the kids are in bed and about five minutes into a second glass of wine.

I’m definitely Kristin. All except her unfortunate tendency to voluntarily engage in cardiovascular or strength development motivated physical activity. 

But hey. Everyone has her bad habits, I guess. 

I love watching them not only because they are excellent role models in terms of mom humorists and commentators, but also because they are so obviously such great friends. As someone who has found the task of making friends and maintaining friendships entirely too cognitively taxing, I am also, by definition, someone who values above nearly all else the friendships that are effortless and supportive rather than demanding and transactional. 

I have very few non-transactional relationships. 

To be honest, as I sit here and think about it, I can only think of maybe, maybe two. And only one of those is for sure. 

Kristin and Jen are so great because they are completely comfortable, happy, and bonded. Which makes the humor as effortless and honest as the interactions. 

Every single mom needs a right hand mom friend. If I did not have my best mom friend I would have entirely given up by now. You don’t need tons of mom friends. And they don’t all need to be as unconditional and fabulous as your best mom friend. 

But you absolutely cannot finish this parenting game without one unconditional, fabulous mom friend.

It’s as essential a truth of life as is the fact that Die Hard is for sure a Christmas movie

So, as we gather our strength and prepare to march headlong into this holiday like Jon Snow and his Wildling Cavalry into the blizzardy madness that is the world beyond the wall, don’t forget that it could not possibly matter less what you got anyone, or what they got you.

Literally the only thing that matters, all year long, is that you have others to spend Christmas with. Or get together with afterward to drink wine and compare notes. And write songs that are mildly to moderately offensive to extended family with. 

Happy Christmas, boys and girls. And may 2018 be less like the prologue of a dystopian novel with an existentially nauseating ending. 

Fingers crossed, Freddy. 

I’ve got my fingers crossed. 

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