Old Mills and Lost Rings

I took a Saturday trip with my dad and stepmom to the Volant/Barkeyville/New Wilmington area yesterday. My stepmom won a gift card to the Iron Bridge Inn and we went there for a lunch, as well as Volant Mills and The Cheese House in New Wilmington.

It was a fun trip. Great meal.

It looks like I’ve maxed out my storage on the free WordPress. I have more pictures from yesterday but I’ll need to develop a strategy to pay to share them, looks like.

I also found one of two obnoxiously large silver rings I wear that stopped being cool somewhere around 1996, which is precisely why I love both of them so much.

It’s just a hammered silver ring. Not even real silver, but I love it more with each bit of copper undercoating that begins to show. I have lost this ring about seven times. It’s always a sad moment, when I look down to see it missing. But then I always find it again, months after I’d accepted its loss.

I found it digging through my purse for my keys to let myself in after I got home yesterday. Just “bam.” There it was.


And here it is, on the top of the ring tine of my traditional jewelry antler:



Y’all don’t have jewelry antlers above your kitchen sinks?

I mean…then where in the hell do you put all of the jewelry that you aren’t currently wearing?

You need a jewelry antler, guys.




It’s so weird how certain accents become bonded with us. Some more than others. I wish I could approach life with the same acceptance and peace with which I both lose this ring and accept it back into my life, each time it returns.


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