Sapiophiles and Garg Garg Garg

I’m going to start screenshotting garage sale site shenanigans. 

Because I entertain myself daily just looking at vignettes of people’s lives on that site. 

Like this one.

I don’t know why the word Garg entertains me so much but it does. It really does. 

Two car gargs are my favorite kinds of gargs. Ain’t no garg like a two car garg cuz a two car garg garg garg garg garg. 

I’m not making fun. I legitimately love saying the word garg now. Like, I’m going to have to make it a thing. I need to identify a person place or thing that I can rename garg. Because I love it. It’s like when I discovered the word hork. There’s an actual word for the phenomenon of words that sound like what they mean. 


Oh my God, even that word is fun to say. 

Sapiophiles are weirdos. We have very strong romantic opinions on stuff like word sounds. It’s sick.

It’s a kind of exquisite sickness. 

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