Sailor J and F*** Naw, Homie

Like how I censored that title so that the children looking at this blog’s Facebook page wouldn’t learn anything unpleasant?

Yeah, me neither.

I just get really really excited these days when the little YouTube notification pops up on my phone’s second screen and then Chris Hansen says “I want to wrestle you…so freakin’ bad” to notify me that I have a new notification, and then I open it up and it’s this bitch right here.

This girl is my favorite girl on YouTube right now.

Enjoy her.

I certainly do.

I suck big big donkey scrote at saying no.

That’s a lot, in case you’re not familiar with the donkey scrote unit of measure.

Do you suck at saying no?

Don’t say fucking no to be cute, either. I know you’re about to. Don’t do it. It ain’t a cute look.

How are you going to start saying no?

I’m going to just start saying “Fuck naw, homie.”

Just that.

Even when someone didn’t ask me to do something, probably.

Because freaking people out and making them uncomfortable is apparently something I’m really fucking good at.


Alright. Think I’m all done here for t’day.

Good talk, you guys.

Good talk.


And then it happened again and imomsohard made a new video too.

Holy shit you guys. I love these two.

They are life.

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