Sailor J and Makeup Toots

I love me a good makeup tutorial. 

I have watched this chick’s contouring tutorial about fifteen…hundred…times. mostly I just love how she talks like Jessica Lange talking like Joan Crawford in Feud. Because that’s who voices my internal monologue. 


I mean, there’s some R.P. McMurphy in there. A little Jack Torrance. Sammy L. Jackson makes regular appearances.

Quentin Tarantino is the managing editor.

It’s kind of a problem, actually.

But he’s good at dialogue.


Happy Thanksgiving. 

4 thoughts on “Sailor J and Makeup Toots

  1. Ok. So I clicked on this v hesitantly as I don’t wear makeup, so watching a tutorial about it is an experience I have managed to avoid so far. Also, even though I know what your thanksgiving is, the idea of wearing culturally seasonal makeup is a new one to me, and a little horrifying.

    Thank you though, she is brilliant, now I want to know who she is and what else she does!

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    1. Oh my gosh. I literally just started wearing makeup last year. So I do watch them to learn how not to look like Pennywise circa 1987. I hope. I mean maybe no one knows how to tell me that the tutorials aren’t working. But I never had any idea that people did native inspired horrifying makeup heinousness shenanigans on YouTube. But more than anything I just love her voice and her humor. She’s just so funny and straight up and she makes me feel better about myself when I am myself. She could read the phone book and I’d watch the whole thing g and probably laugh my hiney off the whole time. Lol. Glad I could share her with you! You gave me Tim Minchin. So I owed ya one. 😂🤣🤗


      1. 😂 sometimes I look in the mirror and just think “Ugh, maybe I should start wearing makeup”, but then I think of giving up a bit of extra time in bed to do it every day and quickly come to my senses.

        What is her name? I want to look at more of her stuff.
        Glad I could share Tim with you all that time ago, he’s a favourite with my kids now too which is awesome. He Liked one of my tweets earlier in the year and I was as squee as you can imagine. 😃

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      2. Oh my! Lucky you! I’d be pleased with myself too. Well done.

        She is Sailor J on YouTube. I think she’s fairly new but she’s blowing it up. I haven’t had time to even go through all of her videos yet. I found her last week. Check out contouring 101. That’s what hooked me. You’ll Die laughing. She has under 20 videos but lots of subscribers. She, Tim, and Jen and Kristin (imomsohard) make up the bulk of my YouTube consumption.

        I was never a makeup person but during the divorce I came into some It Cosmetics and I loved it. It just felt so, so good to look AND feel like a completely different person. But it’s really not even something I can explain. My feminist default settings are like, “girl what are you doing.” Every morning. But I enjoy it. It’s all about what makes you happy and there are for sure days when I am like nope, ten more minutes in bed is what I need.

        You know who needs to pair up with Sailor J for a makeup tutorial is Mr. Minchin. That would be legit, indeed.


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