Manta Rays and Mental Health

I’m functional. I do fine, most of the time. I even excel at some things. Things like writing, and being a mom (even though I approach it will a big dose of irreverence and dark humor).

I excel at the things I’m passionate about.

But I’m almost always a little anxious and distracted. It’s part of who I am. I’ve learned to compensate for it. I’ve adapted.

But getting my diving certification was what made me acutely aware of my anxiety. It made it unavoidable, how enmeshed it is ilwith my everyday life.

It made it clear by showing me my happy place. Which is, apparently, 60 feet below the surface of the ocean, hugging a rock, with 60 pounds of lead in my pocket.

I finally got my manta night dive footage uploaded. I’m certainly no Steven Spielberg, I don’t mind telling you.

But I can say without a moment’s hesitation that this is where I was most happy so far in my entire life. Ironically enough, it’s here beneath the water that I find it easiest to breathe.

2 thoughts on “Manta Rays and Mental Health

  1. That was awesome, I watched all of it. I’d love to get that close to the manta rays but it’s probably something i’ll not achieve in my lifetime. But i’ll get to be with sting rays in 4′ of water this Jan. in the Caribbean and that’ll have to do. That’s what getting old does to you….you still chase your dreams but do it in wimpy ways. Your film made me feel homesick for Hawaii and I know I must return there asap because that’s my happy place on earth too.

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    1. Oh my gosh it’s just so great there. And the Caribbean! That will be so much fun. Share pictures! Rays are amazing. We saw two tiger sharks when I was diving and I’d love to see one closer. Not too close, obviously, but that’s what’s so cool about rays they’re the next best thing. Lots of the traditional shark features with none of the bitey bitey. Lol. Glad you enjoyed the video!


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