Minchin Monday and DNA

I took an Ancestry DNA test a couple of weeks ago.

I’d been wanting to take one for quite some time, even though it’s pretty well documented that I’m crazy German. Like really, really German. I don’t know. I just still have my fingers crossed for some super secret Scottish/Irish creds. I don’t plan to do anything with it. I certainly don’t intend to do genealogy research with it because, ick. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it but my ADD brain is recoiling in horror just thinking about how much sleep I’d lose if I let myself fall even one inch down that rabbit hole. I’d just never sleep again. I’d live on ancestry.com.

No thank you, kindly.

Anyhow, I got the test early in October. My publisher also did one and said that his came back in about three weeks. I haven’t had the Christmas feels for a lot of years, but just waiting the two days for the Amazon Prime gods to deliver the test was painful and the last two weeks have been really painful as I wait, and randomly check into ancestry.com, to find out if it’s been processed yet because I can’t trust my email to notify me the nanosecond they write to say that it’s done.

I imagine that’s what I used to feel like at Christmas. That hummingbird racing mind feeling like what will it say and when will it be and oh my God I’m going to explode waiting.

It took, actually, kind of a lot of spit. I spent a good five minutes spitting into a tube for this thing. I was surprised.


I find science fascinating, even though I suck astoundingly at it. Tim Minchin also loves science. He’s never done a song about DNA specifically, but he did write this one about Americans and evolution.

And it’s fun.

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