Minchin Monday and Lake of Betrayal

I’ve been obsessed with this documentary since they started filming it. For one thing, I live ten minutes from the dam and 40 minutes from Salamanca, N.Y. So when it premiered on Friday I was waiting at the venue two hours ahead of time.

Because I am a big, big nerd.

Brian Ferry covered it.

I was able to capture just one portion of the Q and A with Seneca Nation representative Tyler Heron, son of the Seneca President George Heron who fought tirelessly to rearrange the plans of the Corps of Engineers to place the dam on Seneca land.

If you weren’t aware (although how could you not be, because Johnny Cash is so effing awesome), Johnny Cash wrote a song about the dam. I own the vinyl. It’s a respectably rare collector’s item. And yes, I listen to records. Because records are awesome.

Anyhow, Lake of Betrayal will be airing on PBS in November and I highly, highly recommend it.

So that just leaves us with Tim Tim. Nothing Tim’s ever written has been specifically about the Kinzua Dam or American Indians. That I’m aware of.

And I would be aware of it.

But since this documentary was about the often-overlooked (by the white folks, anyway) dark side of the Kinzua Dam, we’ll go with this song.

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